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Trusted Online Payment Services

We know what it’s like to set up businesses, most of our founders and staff have been through it. It has helped us to understand the legitimate concerns around taking payments – fraud, litigation and profitability all play on the mind as soon as you embark on any venture where money is changing hands. The great news is that because fidomoney understands businesses-needs as much as we understand merchant services, you’re in good hands.

Whatever kind of business you’re in, if taking online or in person payments by credit and debit card would help, get in touch to find out how we can help.

Partnering with us means your concerns about payment security are fully addressed, and because we build a bespoke payment solution around your specific business needs, it’s never overcomplicated or bloated – just a simple, safe way for you to go about your business, and for your customers to make payments online and in-person with complete reassurance.

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