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fidomoney provides merchant services to a range of industries, including ecommerce. From start-ups and small businesses to well established corporations, fidomoney can help your business take payments. 

To make integration with your ecommerce business as simple as possible, fidomoney has created a series of third-party plugins for open-source ecommerce platforms. These plugins enable you start taking payments through your website with just a few simple clicks!

We currently have plugins for websites using: 

If your ecommerce platform is listed above – hooray! You’ll be able to integrate fidomoney payments solutions to your website in a few simple steps.  

If your ecommerce platform isn’t listed above, then don’t worry. We are adding more all the time, so keep checking back or contact us directly to see if and when your ecommerce platform is added. 

fidomoney offers business current accounts as well as merchant services. To learn more, visit our website, or contact us at [email protected]