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Who are fidomoney?


fidomoney is an innovative fintech ompany, formed in York in 2019 by financial veterans with a wealth of multinational retail and commercial banking experience. The rapidly expanding team now operates offices in the UK, USA, Belgium and Macedonia and includes experts in financial crime and AML.




What sets fidomoney apart?


They have recognised the shortcomings of incumbent banks and possessed the ability to strip back bureaucracy by turning the investment of technology and people into spot-on financial services for business-like-minded individuals.


What do we offer?


Intelligent, tailor-made solutions based around the start-ups and small businesses we serve, whilst recognising the individuality of our customers. We offer business current accounts with all the additional payment services businesses need – a business simply chooses what works for them and only pays for what it uses.




Our customers can expect their business current accounts to include the following features:


            24h customer support
•             Dedicated account manager
•             Solution to suit each customer
•             Multi-currency
•             Accounts set up in a matter of days
•             State-of-the-art transaction monitoring and fraud prevention technology using the latest machine learning and AI technology
•             Online account management


Moreover fidomoney:


Partner up with 3rd party payment service providers that offer card payment solutions via payment gateway for a variety of risk levels, ranging from low to medium up to high risk. Alongside this, we offer ‘open banking’, which is a way for merchants to accept payments from their customers directly via bank transfer, with no need for card acceptance. It appears faster, more secure, and cheaper than card processing costs.


We are proud to offer one of the fastest, most secure and cost-effective card processing options currently available and been given the opportunity to sponsor the The Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards 2022, as they take great pride in supporting start-ups and small businesses, the backbone of their triumph.


Most recently, fidomoney found themselves successful enough to be one of the top ten financial and legal companies, as listed in The Times online.


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