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The last 18 months have been a period of significant growth at fidomoney; our fintech business solutions are taking not just the UK, but the world by storm. Our business current accounts come with a dedicated Account Manager for unrivalled customer support, world-leading security solutions, and in addition our Merchant Services enable businesses to take payments. 

As fidomoney’s services become increasingly popular, the requirements of our team and systems grow too. To accommodate this growing demand, fidomoney have decided to partner with Godel Technologies. 

Godel Technologies are specialists in providing IT teams specialising in nearshore software development to design, develop, and deliver software solutions to support a business’s needs. At fidomoney, we chose a so-called ‘augmented team’ model – mixing in-house resources with a nearshore external partner, Godel. 

Mark Taylor, Head of IT & Development at fidomoney explains: “fidomoney will be extending their current product with an api-centric event driven architectural model, integrating with multiple core banking providers and payment solutions. Our infrastructure will focus on security and high availability with no single point of failure, and we utilise the AWS cloud provider to achieve this. Working with a nearshore partner will allow us to develop with consistent pace and supplement our resource capacity. We plan to evolve as a company and eventually expand into different countries, and I believe the Godel team will be key to achieving that.” 

Paul Green, Chief Commercial Officer at Godel said. “We are delighted to partner with fidomoney. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has heightened the importance of security within finance. Working with fidomoney will allow us to scale their resource capacity to help re-architecture their core systems.” 

To open your fidomoney business current account, simply apply online!