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fidomoney now offers Direct Debit Payments 


fidomoney are now offering Direct Debit facilities on their business/personal accounts, a Direct Debit is an uncomplicated and convenient way to make payments.


Direct Debit is an instruction from one bank account or current account to another bank account or current account. It is used by many companies to take regular payments from your bank account for bills, such as:


• Memberships

• Mobile phones

• House rent

• Mortgage payments

• Car insurance


Completing a Direct Debit mandate authorises the organisation or company that you want to pay to collect an agreed amount from your bank account on agreed dates.

Many companies will also notify you in advance before collecting your Direct Debit.

A Direct Debit differs from a standing order. With a standing order you set up the payment for an exact amount. With Direct Debit, the payment and the amount are set up by and organisation and the amount can go down or up.

Direct Debit does not take long to set up and are a safe method of payment, benefiting from an immediate money-back guarantee in the event of an error on your Direct Debit.

Stay tuned as very shortly our MasterCard Debit cards will start to ship!