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Keep on track

At-a-glance overview of multiple accounts helps you stay organised 24/7

  • Account Analytics
  • Multiple Account Overview
  • Real-time Transaction Updates

Go Global

The world’s at your feet with local and international payment scheduling, account validation for global payments, and exclusive exchange rates.

  • International Payments
  • Account Validation
  • Exclusive Exchange Rates

Get Connected

Connecting with your partners is easier than ever with effortless payments to other fidomoney accounts.

  • Send Payments in Seconds
  • Referral Benefits
  • Secure. Connected. Simple

Uncomplicated Card Management

Put your own images or logo on your customisable card with selected plans plus PIN reminders, account freezing and replacement cards.

  • PIN Reminders
  • Account Freezing
  • Replacement Cards

Streamline your Services

Bring everything together with business API integrations, connection to existing software and intuitive invoice management.

  • API Integration to existing Software
  • Invoice Management
  • All Under One Roof

We’re right by your side

With our fast, friendly customer support and dedicated account managers, you’ll never feel alone.

  • 24hr Customer Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Phone and Web Support

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