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When you are ready to open your fidomoney business current account, you will need to provide some documentation, known as KYB (Know Your Business). In most cases, these are the documents we require to open your fidomoney  business account: 


Example of a Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation 

In the UK, this is issued by Companies House when your company registration application has been approved. It is a one-page A4 certificate with Companies House logo at the top. It should show the company’s registered number, the company’s registered address, and the date of incorporation. 



company shares Memorandum (or Articles) of Association 

Also referred to as the memorandum, this document is also from Companies House, usually issued with the Certificate of Incorporation. It details information such as directors and the kind of business undertaken. The Articles of Association is a guide of how the company should be run. A company can use the Companies House ‘model articles’, or they can create their own and submit for review to Companies House. 



Proof of ID  

Passport (or residents card or ID card for non-UK citizen) that’s within date, with all four corners visible, and a residents permit for non-UK citizens. 

If there’s more than one person with a 10% stake in the company, then they will also need to provide proof of ID. 



Proof of Address  

This can be a utility bill, council tax, bank letter, or bank statement. It needs to state the client’s full name, address, and be from within the last 90 days. Mobile bills not accepted. 

If there’s more than one person with a 10% stake in the company, then they will also need to provide proof of address. 


letterProof of Operating Address  

This can be a bank statement, utility bill or lease agreement of your office address. This must also include the business name and be dated within the last 90 days




company treeCompany Corporate Tree/Structure 

A company structure chart signed by the director and issued from within six months. 




In some instances, additional KYC (Know Your Customer) or KYB documentation may be required during the onboarding process. 

To apply to open a business account, click here.