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These are out standard consumer prices, the prices you are offered may differ slightly according to our acceptance policy.

Account Fees
Monthly Fees £0.00
Extra IBAN Order £5.00
Extra IBAN Monthly Fee £4.99
Dormancy - No Activity 1 Year £5.00
E.A.C Fee (Within 6 Months) £100.00
Recall Fee £150.00
Paper Statement Fee £10.00
Transaction Fees
Wire Deposit £25.00
Wire Transfer £25.00
SEPA Out £0.20
Instant SEPA Out £0.20
UK BACS Out £0.20
UK FPS In £0.20
UK FPS Out £0.20
SWIFT In £25.00
SWIFT Out £25.00
FX Margin 1.50%
FX Min Fee £10.00
Card Fees
Card Fees £0.00
Card Order £4.95
Card Re-order £4.95
PIN Re-order £1.00
ATM Fee £2.00
FX Fee 2.99%
Chargeback Fee £35.00
Urgent Card Re-order Fee £99.00
Card Dormancy Fee £2.99
  1. Definitions
    1. Account Provider – Fido Finance Ltd, registration number 09385075, registered office It Centre Innovation Way, Heslington, York, England, YO10 5NP (fidomoney). We are a FCA Licensed eMoney Provider and not a Bank. Funds are not protected under the UK Deposit protection Scheme but Fido segregated all client funds on segregated client fund account according to the Payments Service Regulation.
    2. Customer – a natural or legal person who has concluded this Agreement with fidomoney.
    3. Agreement – this Agreement on opening and using fidomoney account.
    4. Account – fidomoney account opened for the Customer in fidomoney.
    5. Account’s currency – currency specified in fidomoney account opening application form.
    6. Payments terms – the Terms of Provision of Payment Services approved by the Provider.
    7. Pricelist – the fees approved by fidomoney for fidomoney's services and performed operationsprovided to the Customer.
    8. Other definitions used in this Agreement are understood as defined in the Payments terms.
  2. Subject Matter of the Agreement
    1. fidomoney commits to the Customer to open the Account, accept and credit funds; to execute payment transactions in accordance with the Customer's instructions, the Payments terms and the provisions of this Agreement; provide other agreed services to the Customer. The Customer undertakes to use the Account in accordance with the prescribed requirements and to pay fidomoney in a timely and appropriate manner for its services and/or operations.
  3. Use of fidomoney Account
    1. fidomoney shall credit the funds transferred to the Customer's account and per Customer'sinstructions shall initiate transfer of funds to other accounts.
    2. Transactions are performed by filling in the relevant form by the Customer in writing or electronically if such method is agreed with fidomoney. All transactions initiated by the Customer must be signed by the Customer or his representative or approved by any other means acceptable to fidomoney.
    3. All transactions are processed in sequence according to the time of submission of the transaction initiation form.
    4. The Customer is responsible to provide fidomoney with correct data. fidomoney assumes no liability if the transaction is not executed properly as a consequence that the Customer incorrectly filled in the transaction form or provided invalid data. fidomoney shall not be liable if thetransaction is made improperly due to the fault of third parties.
    5. The payment transaction is not executed if the account does not have sufficient funds to complete the transaction and to debit applicable fees, the funds in the account are seized or the disposition is limited otherwise in accordance with the applicable laws or Bank’s regulations.
    6. fidomoney may, without the Customer's consent, debit funds from the Account in accordance with Court decision or another legal basis.
    7. Customer may only keep funds in the Account denominated in the Account currency. If funds denominated in another currency are credited into the Account, they will automatically be converted to the currency of the Account on the rate applicable on the day the funds were received.
    8. If for any reason, unsolicited overdraft is generated in the Account i.e. after the operation, the Account balance becomes negative, the Customer pays interest in the amount specified in the Pricelist, calculated from the resulting negative balance.
    9. fidomoney shall have the right, without a separate Customer's confirmation, to debit the wrongly credited funds from the Account and, if there are no funds or available funds are insufficient, fidomoney has the right to debit from other Customer’s accounts in fidomoney. In any case, the Customer undertakes to repay the wrongly credited funds within the deadline specified by fidomoney.
  4. Rights and Obligations of the Customer
    1. The Customer undertakes to use the Account in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to this Agreement and in compliance with other requirements of applicable law.
    2. The Customer is obliged to provide any documents requested by fidomoney which fidomoney mayrequire in accordance with the requirements of legal acts.
    3. The Customer is entitled to receive statements of the Account from fidomoney.
    4. The Customer is obliged to inform fidomoney within 5 working days, if any data provided to fidomoney changes.
  5. Rights and Obligations of fidomoney
    1. fidomoney shall has the right to receive payment for the services provided to the Customer and /or performed operations by debiting them from the Account without the separate Customer’s consent.
    2. fidomoney shall has the right to correct a technical error of fidomoney (grammatical, calculation, etc.), including debiting funds from the Account if it is necessary to correct a technical error, without the separate consent of the Customer or informing him.
    3. fidomoney may refuse to execute the Customer’s transaction following the Payments terms.
  6. Prevention of money laundering and Terrorist Financing and International Sanctions
    1. The Customer undertakes to follow legal requirements and fidomoney’s instructions related to the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and the implementation of international sanctions
    2. The Customer undertakes, at the request of fidomoney, within the time limit set by fidomoney not exceeding 5 working days, to provide fidomoney with information on the Customer’s activities, its executives, shareholders and beneficiaries, the origin of the Customer’s funds held on the Account, payment transactions as well as other information specified by fidomoney. The information to be provided in the cases specified by fidomoney must be supported by documents acceptable to fidomoney.
    3. The Customer may not deposit its customers’ or other persons’ funds in the Account.
    4. Upon change of the Customer’s activities, its executives, shareholders or beneficiaries, the Customer undertakes to notify fidomoney immediately on its own initiative.
  7. Amendment and Termination of the Agreement
    1. The Agreement can be changed if both parties agree.
    2. fidomoney may unilaterally change the Payment terms and Pricelist by notifying the Customer within 30 calendar days in advance, or 60 calendar days in advance if the Customer is a consumer. If the Customer does not agree with the amended conditions, the Customer may terminate the Agreement by notifying fidomoney thereof no later than 5 business days prior to the entry into force of the amended conditions. If the Customer does not request the termination of the Agreement by the set deadline, it is considered that the Customer agrees with the changed conditions and undertakes to comply with them.
    3. Any party may terminate the Agreement without any reason by giving notice to the other party 15 business days in advance. The Bank may terminate the Agreement without observing the notice period if provided for by the applicable legal acts or such right of fidomoney is provided for in the Payments terms.
    4. fidomoney can terminate agreement with immediate effect in case Customer is in breachof any of conditions, especially set in paragraph 6, of this Agreement.
    5. If this Agreement is terminated, other agreements concluded between the Customer and fidomoney which cannot be exercised without the Account (e.g. credit card, term deposit, etc.) areterminated as well.
    6. At the end of the Agreement, all available funds in the Account are transferred according to the Customer's instructions to another account, but if the Customer has not specified another account, the funds are transferred to fidomoney's internal accounts.
  8. Fees and Interest
    1. All applicable fees charged by fidomoney are debited automatically from the Account. In the absence of sufficient funds in the Account, fidomoney has the right to debit required amounts fromother Customer's accounts in fidomoney.
    2. fidomoney shall not pay interest for funds deposited in the Account, unless agreed otherwise.
    3. The main currency of the account is the GBP. For each additional currency other than the GBP referred to any Contract with Fido the Customer shall pay the Account maintenance fees specified in the Pricelist.
    4. For any overdue payment, the Customer undertakes to pay fidomoney default interest at the rateof 18 percent annual of the overdue amount.
    5. All interest rates indicated in the Agreement are calculated assuming that year has 365 days and the actual number of days in the month.
  9. Final Provisions
    1. This Agreement shall take effect of its signing and shall be valid for an indefinite period.
    2. The Payments terms and the Pricelist are an integral part of this Agreement.
    3. If any provision of this Agreement is void, parties undertake to change it with the other provision, which is as close as possible by substance and economical meaning.
    4. The Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of the England and Wales.